2018 New Year Message from the President of POSTECH

2018-01-01 292

My dear POSTECH members,

2018, the Year of the Earth Dog (Mu-Sul-Nyeon 戊戌年) has arrived. I would like to convey my sincerest of wishes for the realization of all your hopes and dreams in the new year.

This past year we have ceaselessly strived towards our newly inaugurated vision of becoming a Value Creating University. To foster talented individuals with a wide breadth of experience, we have had our first fully open admission process where all incoming freshmen were admitted as undeclared majors, and admission quotas were removed from all departments. As industries paid notice with close anticipation, the POSTECH Industry-Academia Professorship Program has been operating to plan, and the Bio Open Innovation Center initiative was swimmingly set in motion to establish a hub for high-value pharmaceutical businesses. Furthermore, we have successfully launched educational programs in computational thinking and AI/Big Data/IoT so that the university can utilize all its valuable resources to directly contribute to the betterment of society.

I offer my deepest gratitude to POSTECH members everywhere for all your tireless devotion in bringing to fruition the university’s aim of proactive involvement in the advancement of society and the economy on the basis of human value through devoted education and knowledge value through outstanding research.

This new year will see POSTECH stride towards the daunting challenges that lay ahead in order to strengthen our foundations. The quintessential role of the university is to provide an education that nurtures students with a solid base so that they may freely realize their dreams and pursue happiness. We must all endeavor to create an even greater socio-economic value through both introducing new curriculums for the advancement of undergraduate studies and performing outstanding research for the enhancement of the university’s excellence. These are undoubtedly difficult tasks, but that is exactly the reason why I believe that only POSTECH can accomplish them. We are the flagship that leads higher education in Korea.

Recently, we all persevered through an unprecedented earthquake which in turn afforded us an opportunity to be reminded of the steadfast fundamentals upon which POSTECH was built. It has been said that the most important part of building upwards is not the ornamental sculptures at the top but the pillars at the bottom. All of the efforts in education, research, and administration to become the greatest Value Creating University in the world must be firmly rooted in sound fundamentals. Creativity and innovation, the driving force for the next big leap, can only bloom on top of many layers of such bedrock. Let us all together lead the future of our Value Creating University.

May 2018 overflow with nothing but blessings and happiness for all our families.
Happy New Year!

January 1, 2018

Doh-Yeon Kim
President of POSTECH