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When POSTECH first opened its doors in 1986, in Pohang, Korea, most considered it a reckless move without any possibility of success.
Since its founding by POSCO CEO Tae-Joon Park, POSTECH defied the odds by blazing new trails that had not been attempted by other universities in Asia. The result is a strong research-oriented university with a focus on student-centered learning, excellent research and well-oiled academia-industry collaboration. POSTECH’s risk-taking, leadership and eventual success have had a huge impact on higher education in Korea and in Asia. The global academic community has marveled at POSTECH’s accomplishments in such a short time. In just 29 years, POSTECH’s bold moves have propelled it to become one of Asia’s top universities and a university with prominent growth potential.
POSTECH continues to strive to make the impossible possible, exploring uncharted territories in higher education and research.

Last Modified : 2016-09-12