Student Club Activities

Student Club Registration Process

A student organization must pursue student activities that conform to the Statutes of Pohang University of Science and Technology and the Constitution of the Undergraduate Student Association and a student club must have a minimum of 15 members and appoint a faculty advisor.

Student Club Registration Process

A person wishing to form a student club shall prepare the following documents and submit them to the Undergraduate Student Affairs Team within 30 days of the start of each academic year

  1. 1.Student organization registration form
  2. 2.Written consent from a faculty advisor
  3. 3.List of members and written pledges
  4. 4.Membership policies or bylaws of the organization
  5. 5.Organizational Chart
  6. 6.Activity and financial report for the previous year
  7. 7.Activity plan and statement of budget for the current year
  • Have a minimum of 15 members
  • Appoint a faculty advisor
  • Submit an application to the club association
  • Office of Admissions and Student Affairs
  • Registration approval and announcement
  • Deliberation by Student Affairs Committee

Student Club Registration Status

Student Club Registration Status
NO. Club name Purpose of activities
1 ADLIB Looking for the inner world through theater, contributing to university culture through drama performances
2 STEELER Through Rock music, to achieve musical growth, emotional cultivation and developed instrument playing skills
3 CLATAR (classical guitar) Pursuit of emotional cultivation and musicality by playing classic guitars.
4 Guerbois (arts) Pursuit of creative activities through the fine arts
5 Charmgle (Korean calligraphy) Character training and self-growth through calligraphy.
6 MODERATO To promote musical literacy through classical music appreciation
7 Light glow (photos) To learn photography techniques through creative photo-taking activities and vitalize photograph art culture.
8 GuitarHana (acoustic guitar) To play guitar and study acoustic guitar music.
9 HanUlRim To pursue musical understandings through playing classic musical instruments and promote on-campus culture.
10 UmIrang (DJ Club) To enhance POSTECHIAN’s cultural refinement through managing a music hall and participating in musical activities.
11 Samteo (pungmul) To promote a sound culture by understanding and passing down Korean traditional culture.
12 Chorus To cultivate musical emotion and talent through singing in chorus.
13 G-pos To develop computer games.
14 FOCUS (movies) To understand and educated on film art through watching movies.
15 Historical Remains Exploration Club To build a right view of history and improve critical thinking through historical research and discussion.
16 Arcana To socialize and learn about tarot cards.
17 Star Lovers To study the mysteries of the universe through astronomical observation.
18 MARCUS (mathematics) To enjoy socializing through mathematical understanding and research.
19 S.F.C (Student For Christ) To deepen individual faith and cooperate for mission within a Christian community.
20 NAVIGATOR (Bible study) Bible study, socializing and spreading the gospel within POSTECH Christian community.
21 I.V.F (Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship) To achieve POSTECH’s evangelism and nurture self-sustaining missionary organizations.
22 Dasom (love with sign language) To provide love and care for the marginalized in society and people with disabilities.
23 Ephphatha (Catholic Student Association) To pursue religious growth through encouraging piety in a Catholic community and become a faithful believer through giving love and volunteer services.
24 Buddhism Student Association To study Buddhism and spread Buddhist doctrines.
25 BREMEN To provide an outlet for those with passion for music to play and enjoy music.
26 POBBA (basketball) To strengthen physical strength and promote friendship and harmony through playing basketball.
27 PASSING (tennis) To strengthen physical strength and promote friendship and harmony through playing tennis.
28 POSCAT To enhance problem-solving skills through the study of algorithms. (participation in POKA AI league)
29 IMPACT (racquetball) To strengthen physical strength and promote friendship and harmony through playing racquetball.
30 TACHYONS (baseball) To strengthen physical strength and promote friendship and harmony through playing baseball.
31 Management Strategy Study Association (MSSA) To build social organizations and networks in the field of business management and to conduct a leadership training.
32 POWER-ON To control using Micro Controller, develop its needed programs, fabricate a mouse and accumulate related technical knowledge.
33 Haekumji To train the mind and the body through Korea’s traditional martial arts, Haidong Gumdo.
34 ManiA To create, appreciate and hold critical discussions about cartoons and animations.
35 CTRL-D To learn dancing and enjoy socializing with the students interested in dancing.
36 Flourish To promote the creative activities through performing magic shows.
37 Sesim To train the mind and body through practicing the 18 legendary weapons of China and learn the spirit of masters of martial arts.
38 VOCES To cultivate the emotional mind and socializing through R&B ballads.
39 Yekumhoe To train the mind and body and to participate in socializing.
40 KAISER (football) To cultivate physical endurance, organizational skills and friendship through playing football.
41 Dobal (Taekwondo) To train the mind and body through performing Taekwondo.
42 PLUS To research the negative effects of Internet security issues resulting from the growing use of the Internet and its widespread impact.
43 Taksanggongnon. To pursue physical strength and socializing through playing table tennis.
44 Happy Bubbles (skin scuba) To cultivate a nature-friendly, healthy spirit and body through participating in skin scuba diving.
45 Umchi (a cappella) A group of people who are talented in singing and interested in music, especially a cappella.
46 Cheero (cheer) To bring all POSTECH students together for the POKA league through performing cheering activities.
47 GT-LOVE (music creation) To create music in a way of fully expressing yourself and present with freely chosen instrument.
48 P-FUNK (hip-hop) To enjoy socializing through hip-hop music.
49 Blue Peanuts (Jazz Club) To play and enjoy Jazz music.
50 GFEL To share individuals’ visions and build a human infrastructure among POSTECHIANs with a goal to become the world’s economic and financial professionals.
51 PIG To share stock investment information.

Department : Student Affairs
Last Modified : 2016-09-12