2021 POSTECH Matriculation Ceremony Held Online

2021-02-23 507


POSTECH held its 2021 Matriculation Ceremony on February 19 to kick off its new academic year. It was hosted online to prevent the spread of COVID-19 this year. President Moo Hwan Kim welcomed the enrollment of new students to POSTECH, and gave a brief speech about POSTECH’s operations and shared his vision.

After President Kim’s speech, Chairman Sang-tae Park of the POSTECH Alumni Association gave his congratulatory remarks. Seokchan Hong, the freshmen representative, continued by sharing his commitment and determination with his fellow incoming Postechians. A brief Q&A session was held for the freshmen and their parents to wrap up the ceremony.

Prior to this, POSTECH provided opportunities for freshmen to understand and enrich their campus experience by hosting welcome events through Freshmen Orientation which was held online.

POSTECH confirmed to conduct all of its classes remotely for the 2021 academic year and will begin its first semester on February 22, earlier than other universities.