Office/ Committee

1) EDI office

The POSTECH Human Rights center is dedicated to realizing a happy academic community that embodies the dignity and values of all POSTECHIAN, promoting communication and consideration.
The center aims to act as a transparent and fair internal human rights specialized body.
The center will fulfill its role as a healthy communication channel for ensuring human rights and promoting a culture of gender equality on campus through various activities, including human rights and equality prevention education, creating a human rights-friendly campus, fostering a healthy research lab culture, conducting research and development on campus human rights programs, and conducting human rights surveys and research.

Training of ethical values for POSTECH members
As a legally compulsory education, all members must complete the annual human rights and gender equality prevention education after registering for the course in online education operation site (
Human rights and gender equality prevention education includes education on human rights, sexual harassment, sexual violence, domestic violence, and prostitution prevention.
All members must apply for training appropriate to their status. There is one for faculty & staff and one for student.

2) Office for ethical compliance

There is the Audit and Inspection Office in POSTECH.
This department aims to contribute to the establishment of a transparent and ethical culture to build the foundation of a world-leading university.
It is tasked with protecting the university and its members through proactive activities and rigorous audits and preventing the recurrence of unethical behavior.

3) Student Union

There are two student unions in POSTECH; POSTECH Undergraduate Student Association and POSTECH Graduate Student Association.
They elect its leadership, allowing students to vote.


1) Anti-discrimination & Anti- harassment

POSTECH creates a healthy and transparent university culture with POSTECH Ombudsman.
The POSTECH Ombudsman is an independent, neutral third party resolver who represents and assists university members in resolving problems, concerns and complaints by conducting investigation and making recommendations for change. The Ombudsman help with improper instruction from bosses, harassment, or mistreatment from other members.
When having concerns or grievances, all POSTECH member can contact the POSTECH Ombudsman by email. (The Ombudsman is here to protect the interests of the university members with an open mind anywhere anytime.)

Also, POSTECH has the Human Rights center. The POSTECH Human Rights center addresses the issue of workplace harassment and has established rules. In the rules of operation of the Human Rights center, it lists examples of workplace bullying.

2) Anti-bribery and corruption

POSTECH has an Anti-bribery and corruption policy in the regulations on staff members service of POSTECH.
It mentions that university staff members shall neither accept rewards, gifts, or entertainment nor borrow money nor carry out any act of monetary transfer with/from the account of any interested party of the University while performing their duties.
It was amended on October 28, 2022. (reviewed in the last 3 years)

3) Internal reporting system

POSTECH has an internal reporting system to assure the confidentiality of whistleblowers in the Audit Regulations of POSTECH. In the Audit Regulations, there is a part of ‘Protection of Reporters’. It mentions that a reporter shall be guaranteed protection of his/her identity and confidentiality as some follows.

4) Availability of seats for student representation in university’s governing body

POSTECH has a university senate to deliberate important matters. The university senate has 11 members, and 2 student representatives must be included. It is stipulated in Statutes of POSTECH.