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Fruit of Collaboration, Medicurtain

2013-08-19 2,205
Fruit of Collaboration, Medicurtain

Professor Sei Kwang Hahn (MSE) developed an adhesion barrier called “Medicurtain” in collaboration with Shinpoong Company. Medicurtain is made from a combination of biomacromolecule Hyaluronic acid and Hydroxyethyl starch. “Medicurtain” proved to be effective and safe through a clinical demonstration. It was approved by the KFDA (Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) and EUCE (Comunaute Europeenne) and will soon be released into the Europe medical market.
Furthermore Prof. Hahn is also working with Shinpoong Company to develop fillers for plastic surgery, a joint lubricant, and a protein medicine delivery system for liver disorder using a Hyaluronic acid derivative. He has made efforts to develop nano-medicine through the cooperation with Harvard University.
Prof. Hahn has published 33 theses in SCI journal about developing nano-medicine using Hyaluronic acid derivative and various biocompatible materials in three years. Prof. Hahn said “Medicurtain is my commercialization case of industry-university collaboration, and we will contribute to the Bio/medicine industry by commercializing various nano-medicine.”