KISWIRE LTD. made a generous contribution to POSTECH

2010-12-22 1,379

KISWIRE LTD, the company that has been growing into a leading global company that specializes in special steel wire participates in raising POSTECH’s art and cultural awareness.

On December 21, Hong Young-chul, CEO of KISWIRE signed an agreement with POSTECH to establish “Hongdeuk Arts & Culture Fund” which will support POSTECH’s art and cultural programs, and donated KRW 1.5 billion. 

‘Hongdeuk Arts & Culture Fund’, which is named after the pen name of Jong Yeol Hong, the Honorary President of KISWIRE, will be used to support hosting arts and cultural programs/events that will cultivate POSTECHIANs’ emotional balance and help them understand arts and culture in a broad spectrum.

KISWIRE has been making great contributions towards POSTECH, particularly in establishing the Hongdeuk Endowed Professor Fund which selects and supports a professor in the field of natural sciences. KISWIRE not only made contributions to the academic advancement of POSTECH, but also in promoting POSTECH members’ arts and cultural awareness.

With this donation for the Arts and Culture Fund, KISWIRE’s total donation reached KRW 3 billion, becoming the biggest single donator to POSTECH.