Local Firms Collaborate with POSTECH Undergraduate Research Program

2014-04-10 1,213


Local Firms Collaborate with POSTECH Undergraduate Research Program

 The POSTECH Undergraduate Research Program (URP) aims to boost the research capacity, creativity, and competitive spirit of undergraduate students. The program is seen as a perfect example of mutual cooperation between POSTECH and industry with strong support from local firms.


 Since 2000, POSTECH has promoted research activities via URP, financially assisting 5 million KRW in research funds to 40 to 60 projects and scholarships. Selected students work in research environments where they gain specific techniques and hands-on experience in their respective fields. The students’ research outputs have been published in both national and international journals and often qualify for patent application filing.


 To support URP, local firms have invested 150 million KRW for 30 projects to begin a student sponsorship campaign with a goal to eventually raise 250 million KRW. The Pohang Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pohang Iron and Steel Industrial Complex (PHSIC), and other firms such as Chosun Refractoies participate in this campaign. Fresh and creative ideas from students may be adopted by various firms that in turn provide mentorship to students to develop their creative and entrepreneurial spirit.


 “I feel it is worthwhile to assist outstanding individuals who will lead Korea in the future,” said the CEO of PHSIC, who also highlighted the importance of developing a mutual relationship between POSTECH and firms in Pohang.