POSTECH and SK Hynix Open an AI Collaboration Center Together

2020-11-27 511

[The center will strengthen AI research collaboration through sharing analysis infrastructure, nurturing specialists and reinforcing problem-solving skills.]


On November 23, POSTECH held an opening ceremony for the new POSTECH-SK Hynix AI Collaboration Center (AICC) at the POSTECH Institute of Artificial Intelligence (PIAI).

The ceremony was attended by Youngjoo Suh, the dean of POSTECH’s Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence (GSAI) and director of POSTECH Institute of Artificial Intelligence (PIAI), Sang Woo Kim, the executive director of POSTECH’s Research and Business Development Foundation, and Changrock Song and Chanjin Park, the head of data transformation and head of data science at SK Hynix among other guests.

AICC will analyze data accumulated at companies and research the AI technology that can find optimal solutions to solve issues.

With the opening of the center, SK Hynix will provide unprocessed data and POSTECH’s GSAI and PIAI will gain a research opportunity to solve problems that arise in real-life in industries. In turn, SK Hynix will raise AI experts in the semiconductor field who are trained in data science while applying research results directly to current business. Starting immediately in December this year, the AICC is planning to select projects and conduct research on AI technologies crucial to the semiconductor industry.

Youngjoo Suh, the dean of POSTECH’s GSAI remarked, “Through the POSTECH-SK Hynix AICC, we shall have a place to apply the AI technology to real issues arising in industries and solve them to create bigger value and gain a competitive edge in AI.”