POSTECH Commencement Ceremony for the 2022 Academic Year

Past 2023-02-10 10:40 219

Friday, February 10, 2023 (10:40 am), POSTECH Gymnasium


1. Programs

학위수여식 행사식순을 나타내는 표입니다.
Commencement Ceremony Time Program Remarks
Student Procession 10:20~10:35 Marching order: Department flag bearers → PhDs → Masters → Bachelors
* Students should be seated at the appropriate section designated for each degree.
Academic Procession 10:35~10:40 Marching order: Mace → Faculty → Executives → Guests → Chairman, President
Opening 10:40~10:41 Opening Proclamation Introduction of guests
Pledge of Allegiance 10:41~10:44 Pledge of Allegiance
National Anthem (1st verse)
Report on Academic Affairs 10:44~10:48 Report on Academic Affairs Vice President of Academic Affairs
President’s Address to the Graduates 10:48~10:53 Commencement Address President Moo-Hwan Kim
Complimentary Address 10:53~10:58 Complimentary Address Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Graduation speech 10:58~11:03 Graduation speech Israeli Ambassador
Conferment of Degrees 11:03~11:43 PhDs → Masters → Bachelors PhD degree candidates are individually called to the platform and recognized (guided by their advisor).
Master’s and bachelor’s degree candidates are group award.
Honors and Awards 11:43~11:53 Valedictorian (Founding Chairman’s Award)
Top of the Field (1)
Chang Kun Soo Award
Sung-Kee Chung Award
School of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Convergence Award
Proud Postechian Award
Hogil Kim Award
POSTECH Alumni Association Chairman Award
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Chairman of the Hogil Kim Memorial Association
Chairman of the POSTECH Alumni Association
Student Address 11:53~11:58 Representative of graduates
University Song 11:58~12:03 University Song POSTECH Orchestra
Closing Remarks 12:03~12:05 Closing Remarks Guests and faculty shake hands with graduates before leaving the ceremony hall and move to the place for luncheon.
  1. 1) In order to ensure a memorable commencement experience for you and your guests, please gather at the corridor in front of the Student Club Room at the POSTECH Gymnasium in academic regalia by 10:10.
  2. 2) On-stage photographs of candidates will be taken by a university photographer and uploaded to the university gallery website(http://gallery.postech.ac.kr/)
  3. 3) Please do not approach the stage area.
  4. 4) This schedule is subject to change.

2. Gown/Hood Rental

  1. 1) Pick-up/return hours: Thu, February. 9 – Fri, February. 10, 2023 (5:00 pm)
  2. 2) Pick-up/return location: POSTECH Cleaners (Basement of Dorm Bldg. 14, Tel. 054-279-2663)
  3. 3) Rental and laundry fees
    – Bachelors : ₩7,000
    – Masters (hood included) : ₩14,000
    – PhDs (hood included) : ₩20,000

3. Shuttle Bus Service

  1. Pohang Station (KTX)
셔틀버스 운행을 나타내는 표입니다.
Shuttle Route Shuttle Time Train No. Route Train Time
POSTECH Shuttle bus Pohang Station → POSTECH 08:20 ~ 08:50 231 Seoul Station → Pohang Station 05:40~08:07
POSTECH Shuttle bus Pohang Station → POSTECH 09:20 ~ 09:50 233 Seoul Station → Pohang Station 06:45~09:08
POSTECH Shuttle bus POSTECH Admin Bldg. → Pohang Station 15:40 ~ 16:10 248 Pohang Station → Seoul Station 16:23~18:57
  1. ※ Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. POSCO International Center
오찬장소 Shuttle Bus 운행을 나타내는 표입니다.
Shuttle Route Time Buses
POSTECH Gymnasium ↔ POSCO International Center 12:20 ~ 12:30 POSTECH Shuttle bus

4. Contact Information

  1. TEL: 054-279-9142, 9145
  2. Email: smart-card@postech.ac.kr