POSTECH Holds 2021 Town Hall Meeting

2021-02-17 472


With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing on for more than a year, POSTECH held a town hall meeting where members came together to connect with each other and to cultivate an active communication culture at POSTECH.

The town hall was held at 4pm on February 8 and lasted about an hour. It was attended by more than 150 members of the POSTECH community, including former POSTECH president Chan-Mo Park, professors, undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and staff members.


President Moo Hwan Kim began this first town hall meeting with introductions to POSTECH’s current state then fielded questions from participants and exchanged candid thoughts. In particular, he answered questions about a diverse set of issues facing senior management, including plans regarding the establishment of a medical school, the utilization of university spaces, direction of government-funded departments such as WCU, supporting student start-ups and graduate students. Participants evaluated this meeting positively, that it was a good platform to share opinions freely, learn about pending issues, and think collectively without restrictions on form or topic.

POSTECH will continue to hold regular or sporadic town hall meetings to share information about POSTECH’s direction and to encourage more open communication and mutual understanding. If the COVID-19 situation improves, POSTECH plans to hold in-person town hall meetings in a small party format or serve refreshments.