POSTECH-MCST Sports Industry Support Center Agreement Signed

2018-08-08 498


POSTECH signed an agreement with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST, Minister Jonghwan Do) at the C5 Conference Hall on July 25th for the designation and operation of the Sports Industry Support Center.

In April, through an open bidding process, MCST awarded POSTECH with the first Sports Industry Support Center in an effort to advance Korea’s sports industry and to facilitate its growth into a prolific industry of the future.

The agreement ceremony included discussions on the operational plans for the Sports Industry Support Center. Tae-kang Roh (The 2nd Vice Minister of MCST), Doh-Yeon Kim (President of POSTECH), Jong-jin Yoon (Vice Governor for Administrative Affairs of Gyeongsangbuk-do), Kang-deok Lee (Mayor of Pohang) and sports industry experts attended the ceremony.

The main contents of the agreement include details on policies for a collaborative and convergent sports industry and related research, industry-academia-research cooperation, collaboration with municipalities, and nurturing of professionals.

POSTECH and MCST will cooperate to strengthen national competitiveness and public health through cutting-edge convergent technologies and advancements in the sports industry.

As the firsts step in collaboration, the two institutions also cohosted a forum titled ‘A New Beginning: Innovation and Challenges for the High Tech Based Sports Industry.’ The participants of the forum discussed issues pertaining to the pivotal role of the Sports Industry Support Center as an innovative leader, including in-depth forecasts on the future of the sports industry as it braces for rapid transformations.

The MCST expressed its enthusiasm and said, “the outstanding technology and creativity of a private research institute like POSTECH will make a great foundation for innovation in the sports industry. We eagerly anticipate the Sports Industry Support Center to become a successful example of private sector-government cooperation.”