POSTECH Professor Young-Tae Chang Wins Yoshida Prize

2023-02-15 243

[Professor Chang is recognized for developing a method for live cell imaging with a fluorescent probe.]

장영태 교수
Professor Young-Tae Chang of POSTECH (Associate Director of IBS Center for Self-assembly and Complexity) has won the Yoshida Prize from the International Organic Chemistry Foundation (IOCF) of Japan.

Professor Chang, who completed his undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies at POSTECH, was appointed as faculty in the Department of Chemistry at POSTECH in 2017 after teaching at New York University in the U.S. and the National University of Singapore. He is also an advisory member of the Angewandte Chemie, one of the most authoritative journals in the field of chemistry.

Professor Young-Tae Chang has made his mark by systematizing the findings of intracellular targeted proteins. He is also called a fluorescent alchemist for having built a fluorescence library with 10,000 fluorescent materials. This prize recognizes his contribution in developing and demonstrating the operational principles of a probe, capable of distinguishing living cells with organic fluorescent materials.

The IOCF is a foundation established in 2012 to promote the development of international organic chemistry by the eminent organic chemist, Zenichi Yoshida, a professor emeritus at Kyoto University. The Yoshida Prize has been awarded to scholars who made a significant contribution to the development of organic chemistry since 2015. This marks the second time Korea is represented by the Yoshida Prize, as Professor Sukbok Chang of KAIST won the prize in 2016.