POSTECH Selected as One of 30 Glocal Universities

2023-11-27 816

Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) has been officially recognized as Glocal University 30, a selection made jointly by both the Ministry of Education and the Glocal University Committee in Korea.

The term “glocal” embodies a combination of global connectivity and local community engagement. Initiated by the Ministry of Education, this endeavor aims to bolster the simultaneous development of universities outside the capital grappling with challenges arising from a dwindling population and evolving industrial structures. It also extends support to regions facing the risk of becoming marginalized or disappearing. The Ministry intends to designate and assist 30 universities by 2026, allocating approximately KRW 100 billion (USD 77 million) to each institution over a span of five years.

POSTECH has introduced a strategic blueprint focused on: (1) educational innovation aimed at dissolving barriers among local, industrial, and academic spheres, catering to diverse demands without limitations (education); (2) research endeavors leading innovation in strategically prioritized regional industries while aligning with global growth (research); and (3) the creation of a Pacific Valley hub dedicated to global entrepreneurship, generating new industries (entrepreneurship and technology commercialization). The university’s aspiration is to become a globally recognized institution leading the charge in innovation and international engagement, thereby laying the groundwork for regional prosperity and the development of future national industries.

Furthermore, apart from the KRW 100 billion (USD 77 million) commitment from the Ministry, it has been revealed that the province of Gyeongsangbuk-do will contribute KRW 100 billion (USD 77 million), and the POSTECH Foundation will inject KRW 200 billion (USD 154 million), totaling an investment surpassing KRW 400 billion (USD 308 million) to ensure the successful implementation of this initiative.

POSTECH, following its selection in the Glocal Initiative, endeavors to produce science and technology experts with an international perspective. The university is committed to driving regional recovery and prosperity through collaborations among local communities, industries, and universities.