POSTECH to Raise Medical Scientists for Medical Patriotism

2022-05-19 467

[Inauguration ceremony for fostering medical scientists held on May 19, 2022]

[POSTECH also announced plans to open a graduate program in Medical Science and Engineering in 2023]

POSTECH, which was founded with the purpose of educational patriotism, is now taking action to raise medical scientists for medical patriotism.

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On May 19, POSTECH held a ceremony to inaugurate its program for fostering medical scientists. The ceremony was attended by local government representatives of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province and Pohang City, as well as prominent individuals in science and medical fields. At the inauguration ceremony, it was also publicly announced for the first time that a graduate program in Medical Science and Engineering would be opened in 2023.

A medical scientist is a doctor who performs research in the developing fields at the cross point of convergence of engineering and medicine with medical knowledge based on basic science and engineering. Half of the winners of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine are medical scientists, and it is not an overstatement that the development of the COVID-19 vaccine was spearheaded by these medical scientists.

Last year, POSTECH announced its plan to open a graduate program of medical science in 2023 to foster medical scientists from diverse backgrounds based on its excellent biomedical infrastructure, including the synchrotron accelerator and the Institute of Membrane Proteins, to prepare for South Korea’ rapid entry into a super-aged society and the post-COVID-19 era. Since that time, POSTECH has actively sought to establish an engineering-based research-focused medical school in collaboration with local governments.

The graduate program in Medical Science and Engineering unveiled today will be housed in the School of Convergence Science and Technology; it will make available a graduate program centered on medical science and medical engineering that allows admission even to candidates without a medical license. This program serves as the first step in establishing an engineering-based research-centered medical school that POSTECH is focusing on. POSTECH’s goal is to fulfill a range of medical demands through interdisciplinary convergent education and research linked to existing departments while also nurturing the biomedical and health industry and securing a competitive edge.

POSTECH’s President Moo Hwan Kim stated, “The challenges of a rapid entry into a super-aged society and a new virus following COVID-19, common to all mankind, lie before us,” and added, “Medical scientists who comprehensively understand science, engineering, and medicine should seek solutions for these challenges together with approximately 110,000 doctors.”

He emphasized that “POSTECH possesses a solid foundation to foster medical scientists who can pioneer the promotion of health for humanity through innovative medical education, and we will contribute to advancing our nation and humanity by raising medical scientists who are crucial for the future of mankind.”

Jang-sik Lee, the acting mayor of Pohang, said, “By transitioning from clinical to research-centered medical education, we can present a standard model for future medical education in our nation. We will also focus all of our administrative power to turn Pohang into an exemplary success story for balanced national development as the new growth hub of the bio-health industry.”

The event was also attended by the following individuals: Pohang’s National Assembly delegates Jungjae Kim and Byongwook Kim; Vice Governor for Administrative Affairs of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, Seong-jo Kang; Acting Mayor of Pohang, Jang-sik Lee; Chairman of Pohang City Council, Hea-Jong Jeong; President Dosung Choi of Hangdong Global University; and other local personages. Further, President Yong Hoon Lee of Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), President Ook-Joon Yoo of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology, and Director Jin-Kwan Han of the Gyeongbuk Institute for Bio Industry were among the personages from the science and technology fields. Finally, President Chul-Hee Lee of the Chung-Ang University Gwayngmyeong Hospital, Director Mun-Chul Kim of the Pohang Stroke and Spine Hospital, and Director Woo Sup Ahn of Kyunghee Recuperation Hospital were among the guests from the medical industry.

In particular, Chairman Choong-sik Ha of Changwon Hanmaeum Hospital and Professor Emeritus Eui-ho Suh of POSTECH, who share the vision of POSTECH’s fostering of medical scientists, also participated in the ceremony.