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On January 26, POSTECH held an opening ceremony for POSTECH1986, a new museum that showcases POSTECH’s history and its future vision. The museum is located on the second floor of the Tae-Joon Park Digital Library and has a theme of “Great Spirit, POSTECH Value.” Tracking along a horizontal timeline, each milestone recalls POSTECH’s founding spirit dedicated to human progress, identifies its remarkable achievements that have led the development of science and technology through innovation, and shares its ambition to create a future that extends beyond today’s accomplishments.

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The exhibition hall is divided into four sections to allow the visitors to take in the progress from POSTECH’s official opening in 1986, major achievements over the past 37 years, and its future vision.

Zone 1. POSTECH Pioneers
Encountering the Spirit that Established POSTECH, Serving the Nation through Education
Introducing the vision of the founding chairman, the late Tae-Joon Park, and POSTECH’s first president, the late Hogil Kim, and their story of establishing POSTECH.
Zone 2. POSTECH Pride
Achieving 35 Years Together
Highlighting the process of through which POSTECH has advanced and how Postechians have flourished over the last 35 years
Zone 3. POSTECH Performance
Experiencing the Engine of POSTECH
Presenting POSTECH’s excellent programs for education, research and academic-industrial collaboration,
as well as research findings that have changed the lives of humanity
Zone 4. POSTECH Potential
Opening the Future Together with POSTECH
Shedding light on the campus infrastructure as it expands beyond the limits of time and space and introducing the achievements of Postechians and POSTECH’s vision

Visitors can listen to an interview of the late founder Tae-Joon Park and the late Hogil Kim, POSTECH’s first president, that were restored with the AI voice reproduction technology. The two giants tell the story from their first meeting to establishing POSTECH with the goal of creating a world-class science and technology university. The Latest Research Achievements section provides visitors with videos, exhibits, and hands-on experiences to present notable research findings from POSTECH’s labs.


The Campus Infrastructure Panorama section features a mapping show on a white 3D campus model, giving shape to the university’s vision beyond a physical campus to a virtual space – a Metaversity – that can transcend time and space.


There is a section that introduces opportunities for on-site training, research, and overseas programs available to any Postechian, while another is dedicated to POSTECH alumni thriving around the world. Startup maps, videos, and exhibits present 220 companies founded by POSTECH students, faculty, and graduates since POSTECH’s founding.